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We help with Public Inquiries - Operators are called to Public inquiries, when mistakes are made, these are referred to shortcomings. The Traffic Commissioners grant an operators licence on trust, but this trust is now being questioned at a public inquiry. 


Someone has objected to your application for a licence or change to a licence 
You haven’t kept to the conditions of your licence, eg you’ve used more vehicles than permitted 
There are environmental concerns about a goods vehicle operating centre on your licence 
Your conduct has come into question, eg you’ve been caught using a mobile phone while driving 
You’ll get a letter with all the details. Traffic commissioners are responsible for licensing and regulating operators of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), public service vehicles (PSVs) and local bus services. They can also take action against their drivers. 
They can call a formal public inquiry in a court to get more evidence to help them decide if they should: 
Grant or refuse licences for HGV or PSV operators 
Take action against a vehicle operator, bus service operator or driver of a bus, minibus or lorry 
This might be if someone has objected to a licence being granted or the traffic commissioner thinks an operator may have broken the terms of their licence. 


You’ll get a minimum of: 
28 days’ notice if the inquiry is about a transport manager 
21 days’ notice if the inquiry is about a new or existing goods operator licence 
14 days’ notice if the inquiry is about a new or existing passenger operator’s licence 


You should carry out an independent audit. You can decide to represent yourself or ask someone to represent you, eg a lawyer. This could be someone else like a transport consultant if the traffic commissioner agrees. Evidence is not given under oath but witnesses have to tell the truth. If you don’t tell the truth you could lose your licence or criminal charges may follow. If you would like us to act on your behalf please complete the form at the bottom of this page. 


The traffic commissioner can decide to: 
Refuse to grant a licence 
Refuse to vary an existing licence 
Attach conditions to a licence 
Grant a licence allowing fewer vehicles than the number applied for 
Impose financial penalties on registered bus service operators 
End or suspend an existing licence 
Disqualify an individual or a company from having a licence 
Disqualify transport managers 


If you need help with a public inquiry, please start by calling us on 01449 678767 
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