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Posts from February 2018

Shared from Chris Ogden (LADbible) 
People Who Vape While Driving In The UK Could Lose Their Licence 
While texting away on your mobile phone while at the wheel is deservedly illegal in the UK, vaping has so far escaped the ire of the police so far. 
Well, not any more, as senior UK cops have warned people not to vape and drive at the same time, warning that you might be prosecuted and even lose your licence - if you don't crash your car first, that is. 
Police have warned that while puffing away at an e-cig while behind the wheel is not illegal in itself, the vapour clouds they produce can obscure your vision, temporarily blinding you and leaving you prone to an accident. 
Shared from Tom Potter (East Anglian Daily Times) 
Last week, two men were banned from driving after testing positive for an inactive metabolite consistent with cocaine use – despite their systems containing no trace of the drug itself. 
Although cocaine circulates through the body in a matter of hours, benzoylecgonine (BZE) can remain detectable for days after being formed by the liver. 
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